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#5767 Development, What comes next?

Posted by Kedi on 29 November 2015 - 02:49 PM

I this topic I will list the future program of the development of the game.


It's not exhaustive of course, more a recap of the main things.
I will not speak about all the details of our everyday work (even if it takes a lot of time).
I'll remove old things when they are done.


Kod's main work :

-District B (more futuristic and vertical, for high level gamers)                     done


-E-Cop Tower Rise stage                                                                              done
-Orbital Station of the Great Admin (final Special Stage)                      done


Pierre's main work :


-A.I.                                    done, but will be improved all the development long


- Loot system                   done
skill chips, graffitis, pets, food for pets
maybe after release : spray can skins and animations for the ~Super Saïyen Hoverheat concentration. 


- new special tricks animations                   done


- pets gameplay.                   done


- Grind-E ZBrush and ref model.        done 

Kedi's main work :

- pets animations           done  


- Grind-E LoD, First person view, rig/skin, clean textures           done 



Musicians' work :

Cedric' and Hideki' work :

- Administrative District ( District B ) musics by Cedric     done

- Orbital Station stage musics by Cedric             done

- 2 tracks from Hideki                                            done


- new sound effects by Cedric                  done


rewards for our Kickstarter backers like posters, NPCs, statues

- 2 posters                       done


still waiting news from the others...


So, this list is still rough, but you can have a better idea of what comes next now ^^



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#6276 Next update content (Liff/Gameball)

Posted by Kedi on 13 April 2016 - 11:08 AM

I realized that people are not really aware of what will be available in the next update, so i decided to do a list here ^^
don't ask when it will be available because we really don't like to not keep our promises and disappoint you :'(
i can just say we are currently re-integrating all the missions since the new mission editor was rebuilt and the AI was programmed. also a lot of grunt (and invisible for you) work for the moment.


- controls are now displayed on the bottom of the screen when you can do a specific action (speak, accept misison, spray graffiti, etc....),

- don't need anymore to scan to accept a misison, you can just press the button when you are in the mission zone without targeting the character,

- many netcode issues fixed,

- The AI : missions more realistic and unpredictable especially Veelan's missions (Veelan will not follow a path anymore, she will try to avoid you) and also races or gameball matches,

- Liff character will be unlockable,

- New mission mode : gameball match,

- New missions :

     Liff's missions

     new races with Greendy

     new races with Anonymous Gamers

     new races with Dark Gamer

     new missions with Veelan

     comeback of Otello in the District A with his new missions (and unlockable here).

     main mission in the prison refined

- new mission editor will be easier to use and way less heavy,

- new graffity spray system :

       new control (click repeatedly the scan button until the graffiti is charged, then release when you want to spray),

       spray animation&particles

- New hoverheat charge system (not moving, click repeatedly the grind button to charge the hoverheat),

- Extension of the prison,

- Momo (dragon grandma) NPC integrated in the game,

- A new vehicle,

- District A :

      clouds and other ECPs in the background

      some buildings & holograms were enhanced

- missions progress will be reset for everyone (but keeping the xp & skills of course)

- new objective : satellite dishs to spray on

- objectives targets are now unique until you complete the objective in the zone :

      graffiti you sprayed will stay on the posters or satellite dishes until you complete the objective in the zone,

      holo propaganda you deactivated and spydrone you catched will not reappear until you complete the objective in the zone,   

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#5861 How the development goes.

Posted by Kedi on 21 December 2015 - 01:29 PM

a quick sneak peak of the Anon Breaker ;)
still early wip though.


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#6770 Sculpting Hover

Posted by Takeru on 25 September 2016 - 03:44 PM

If you follow the Hover Facebook page, you may have seen the nice making-of post of this first sculpture already! (If you don't follow Hover on Facebook, you should absolutely go like the page!)

So here's the first in my series of scupltures, Otello!


He's glow in the dark and fluorescent! He's hand sculpted and painted, and stands at about 5 inches or 13 cm tall.


You may have noticed I said "first in my series" earlier! I'm planning to do at minimum all the playable Gamers, and after that as many other Hover characters as I can keep my real-life energy up to create!

Next in the line-up will be Liff! We can't leave Otello alone, right?

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#6698 New Big Trailer !

Posted by Kod on 01 September 2016 - 09:12 AM

Hey Hover Citizens ! 


Here is the new (big) trailer for Hover !


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#6142 How the development goes.

Posted by Kod on 06 March 2016 - 06:03 PM

Hi everybody !

First day on the District B. To start i'm placing lot of big cubes to structure the main zones (like before the District A ^^). Don't be scary, it's a rough  :smilinggreendy: There will be lot of good designs and a nice atmoshpere.


To give you an idea of the location of the District B in comparison to District A:

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#5929 How the development goes.

Posted by Kedi on 17 January 2016 - 03:55 PM

Hi dear Hoverian people :)

I will introduce something we never talked about yet (because it will take time until it's ready).
I'm currently working on several "dialogue pictures" for each Gamer, to make them more expressive.

so, that's the drafts I did for now. Of course these drawings will be cleaned and colored in the future ;)



I work on this on the evening or weekends, when I can't work on my main current works (Anon Breaker & E-Deki).

I can't wait to have finished them ^^ hope you will enjoy this new feature.

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#5786 How the development goes.

Posted by Kod on 02 December 2015 - 08:48 PM

Hey friends ! Today... i finished the District A \o/ :D


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#5746 How the development goes.

Posted by Kedi on 27 November 2015 - 08:12 PM


between other things, I also began the official illustration for the Anonymous Breaker girl :



We are also working on something new for this next update ;)
We divided the city in several zones (Garbage Village, Flock of Sheep Boulevard, Korupa Archipelago, Red Avenue, Sunny Roof, etc...) They are not divided by walls of course, but now there is the name of what zone you are in written in the HUD.
Each zone will have its own list of aims like how many gamegirls does it remain in this zone.
These aims will allow us to set up sorts of missions but without any real mission to validate, and without any timer. We plan to put later secubox traps in these zones where you will be able to bring secuboxes when they are chasing you (as in the Potatox missions, but without "mission" nor timer).
Of course it doesn't replace current missions ^^ it's in addition to them ;)

So, I'm currently working on a Spy Drone model sent by the Great Admin that you will have the possibility to chase to avoid it to send informations.
You will be able to find several Spy Drones in the city.

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#5302 Share your Fan Arts of Hover Here

Posted by rukafais on 08 September 2015 - 08:59 AM

you can all blame leafy for me being here after several forum-related mishaps






I was going to say "every available player character" but E-Cop's not there (they'd arrest everyone anyway so they're a no-funsy and not allowed to come)


EDIT: Link to full size.




Greendy for a palette challenge :V




S..something I did when I was tired? don't break his goggles guys he doesn't like that :(

EDIT: ok lesson learned, i might just end up linking directly to images now OTL




me being ridiculous about aus

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#4178 How the development goes.

Posted by Kod on 13 May 2015 - 11:33 PM

It happened! I have finally made the transition to Unity 5 (Pierre was the first a few weeks ago)! Today, I made the giant central tower with the antenna. Attached to it are humongous cables quickly enabling access from a higher area in the neighborhood to the other. You may also admire the newest effects of mist and pollution providing the city with a much more intense and magnificent sensation  :) 


Ca y est j'suis enfin passé sur Unity 5 (Pierre a été le premier il y a quelques semaines ^^) ! Aujourd'hui j'ai fait la grande tour centrale avec l'antenne. Elle est rattachée à des gros câbles qui permettent de passer rapidement d'un coin haut du quartier à un autre. Vous pouvez également admirer les nouveaux effets de brume et pollution qui apporte une ambiance beaucoup plus riche et profonde à la ville :)



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#7121 How the development goes.

Posted by Kedi on 09 March 2017 - 04:13 PM

Hi guys,

I continued to work on the Great Admin lately, mainly on the Exoskeleton that is a big part of the model!


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#6255 How the development goes.

Posted by Kedi on 06 April 2016 - 05:35 PM

happy you like our last work Omni :3 thanks a lot for telling us.

Otherwise folks.......
i worked on the cutie orange rabbit-like pet today and yesterday.
I wanted to check if the animation was ok so i roughly integrated it in the game (really roughly!).
I was so in love that I did a short video :3

I remind you that it can't be playable as is (it just seems to work, but actually not at all XD)
also, pets and pet features will not come shortly, as they are not priorities.

anyway, i can't wait to have a kawai pet besides me when i roam in Hover City *w*

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#5950 How the development goes.

Posted by Kedi on 24 January 2016 - 01:31 PM

Jamel: they will not "move", but they will be there playing video games, sleeping, cooking, ...

also, I made a short video to introduce the DJ robot E-Deki :)

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#5687 Share your Fan Arts of Hover Here

Posted by Kedi on 16 November 2015 - 01:24 AM

nice idea Harrison! :) I hope you will do it Romole :D

For my part, I wanted to draw today!
So i did the child versions of the Gamers :>

( you can notice they already had their own personnality)

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#514 Language (Hover Font)

Posted by Fourwind on 16 April 2014 - 05:14 AM

Hey everybody, over the past few days I have been finding out what all the symbols in text all over the Hover concept art and trailers mean.

And through this (and a little bit of help from the developers), I have finally compiled every letter, AND made a font so you can write in the language.



You can download the font file here:




What does this mean? Well it means we can obtain more insight from the various screenshots and concept art posted.


Heres some game/language trivia I already discovered. Sorry I am a little obsessed.

-The Language is simply an English symbol swap, where letters can fit into each other like tetris blocks (although only a few combinations actually do this)
- Every letter is based on a 3x3 grid, and are entirely comprised of connected squares, except for A, I, J and K which have diagonal parts.
- The Mayors art on the "Characters" topic says "Industry". I don't know if this is his name or not.
- The vehicles driving around in the trailer are Kubs and Kuvs, a type of generic civilian vehicle(?) and a transport vehicle respectively. There is also 3 other yet to be seen vehicles, Vels, Jaws, and Paks.
- The letter "G" is a prominent symbol, displayed by itself in various graffiti and posters in the game.
- The seemingly pro-gamer poster with the graffitied text and the skull might be a gamers resistance poster tagged over by the breakers. Possible conflicts between the groups of gamers? We can only speculate, but that sounds awesome.
- There are quite a few spelling and grammatical errors throughout the concept art and posters. That makes sense seeing as the developers are not native English speakers, but its still funny when you translate something to find out its written all wonky.
- The letters on the side of Veelans head say "Veel". The symbol on her shirt is unknown.
- Watabaxs original character profile is labeled "Sreet[sic] Boy".
- Krow has the words "Gamer" and "Krow" tattooed onto his body.

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#4799 How the development goes.

Posted by Kod on 09 July 2015 - 04:50 PM

As promised, the Indie Game Magazine illustration:


Comme promis voici l'illustration pour Indie Game Magazine:


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#4472 How the development goes.

Posted by Neerhos on 16 June 2015 - 08:31 PM

VERY SERIOUS OCCULUS TESTING (sorry for poor quality)


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#4221 How the development goes.

Posted by Kod on 20 May 2015 - 10:57 AM

Pour le framerate effectivement cette vidéo montre du work in progress mais il faut savoir que dans un jeu en monde ouvert le framerate ne pourra jamais être constant. Il y aura toujours un meilleur framerate dans une petite zone comme un intérieur ou un couloir d'égout, que si vous montez sur un toit et que toute la ville est visible. Cependant rassurez vous le framerate dans la nouvelle ville est bien meilleure que celui de l'alpha actuelle. Améliorer les performances était notre priorité. Pour donner une comparaison sur mon ordinateur personnel, l'alpha actuellement sur steam tourne entre 15 et 25 FPS en high alors que la nouvelle ville tourne entre 40 et 60 FPS en high. Pour obtenir ce résultat nous avons changé totalement notre manière de construire les décors et c'est pour cette raison qu'il était nécessaire de recommencer la ville depuis le début.


Regarding the frame rate, the video is showing work in progress. However, taking into account the open world aspect of the game, the frame rate will never be consistent. The frame rate will always be better in a smaller area like indoors or sewer drains, in contrast to being on a rooftop where the entire city is visible. Nevertheless, rest assured that the frame rate in the new city is a whole lot better than the one in the current Alpha. Improving performance was our priority. To present you with a comparison, on my personal computer, the Alpha on Steam right now juggles between 15 and 25 FPS high. Yet, it's around 40 and 60 FPS high in the new city. To obtain such result we had to completely change our way of introducing the scenery and that's why it was imperative to rebuild the city from scratch.

En parlant de la ville, je dois vous avouer que je n'étais pas satisfait de la première version (celle actuellement sur steam). J'ai travaillé dans l'urgence pour respecter la promesse d'offrir l'alpha aux backer à noel 2014 et j'utilisais une technique qui me bridait beaucoup sur le plan artistique. C'est pourquoi quand on a décidé de recréer la ville, j'ai décidé de tout changer, de tout améliorer. Evidement l'univers du jeu garde le même ADN, nous sommes toujours dans Hover City, une mégalopole futuriste dirigée par un tyran dans laquelle les loisirs et les jeux vidéo sont interdits. Il y a toujours des voitures volantes, des NPC aliens et robotiques, des grands immeubles aux formes vertigineuses, des basfonds, des bidonvilles, l'ecop tower etc... Les thèmes sont conservés ;) soyez rassurés. Cependant vous pouvez vous attendre à quelque chose de meilleur, de plus cohérent, de plus joli (les modèles sont beaucoup plus riches en détails, les textures sont plus nombreuses et variées, il y a les nouveaux effets de lumières d'unity 5). 


Talking about the city, I have to admit that I was not satisfied with the first version (the one currently on Steam). I was working in a rush to fulfill our promise of delivering the Alpha to backers by Christmas 2014 and was using a technique depriving me considerably on the artistic side. Therefore, when we decided to rebuild the city, I decided to change everything and improve it all. Obviously, the game-vers still possesses the same DNA; we are still in Hover City, a futuristic megalopolis ruled by a tyrant where entertainment and video games are prohibited. There are still flying cars, robotic and alien NPCs, giant towers and constructions, shallows, slums, the eCop Tower etc... Rest assured, the roots remain unchanged. However, you can expect something a lot better, more fluid and nicer (substantially detailed and enhanced models, wider variety in texture, better light effects featuring Unity 5).


L'archipel Korupa n'est qu'un petit quartier parmi d'autres. En dessous de l'archipel il y a le Garbage Village qui descend très bas et en ce moment je travail le Flock of Sheep Boulevard qui est une grand rue commerciale avec pleins de néons et de boutiques :) Il y a aussi le Fusty Place avec pleins de musiques et de boissons.


The Korupa Archipelago is just one of many other districts. Underneath the archipelago, you have the Garbage Village that descends deep below. And right now I'm developing the Flock of Sheep Boulevard which is a grand commercial avenue with plenty of neon lights and stores  :) There is also the Fusty Palace with lots of music and beverages.

Je ne sais pas exactement quand est ce que la nouvelle ville sera fini mais nous allons probablement ouvrir ses portes avant qu'elle ne soit totalement terminée. Ca sera comme pour l'alpha privée à noel, nous mettrons quelques murailles holographiques pour bloquer l'accès aux zones non terminées. Je ne veux rien promettre mais je pense que vous pourrez jouer dans cette ville dans 5 ou 6 semaines. Encore un peu de patience. En attendant Pierre continue de mettre à jour l'alpha sur Steam. Il va bientôt rajouter de nouvelles missions avec un nouveau personnage jouable :)


I'm not quite sure when the new city will be completed. But, we will definitely open its doors before finishing it all. It will be similar to the private Alpha release last Christmas. We will put up holographic walls to restrict access to areas still under development. I don't wish to make empty promises. However, I think that you should be able to play in the new city within 5 or 6 weeks. Just a little bit more patience. In the meantime, Pierre continues the regular update of the Alpha on Steam. He will soon add newer missions with a new playable character :)  

Concernant la musique je ne sais pas exactement ce que nous allons faire. Pour l'instant il est prévu d'avoir une musique par quartier (version de jour et version de nuit) et une musique par type de mission. Peut-être que nous proposerons au joueur de changer la musique mais cela demande un certain travail de programmation et ce n'est pas ce qu'il y a de plus important pour le moment (il reste beaucoup de choses à faire pour Pierre, des choses qu'on a annoncé et des choses dont on garde la surprise).


Regarding the music, we have not fully decided on the path to take. For the time being, we project a different music for each district ( a day and night version ) and a musical chore per mission. Maybe we will offer the player the opportunity of changing the music. But it begets a specific programming investment and that's not the most important task at the time being ( there's a lot of things for Pierre to do, things we previously announced and things reserved as surprises).

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#4203 How the development goes.

Posted by Kod on 18 May 2015 - 08:17 PM

Because a vidéo is better than a gif  :happygreendy: 

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