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(Client) Patch 6 (30/03/15)

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Posted 11 April 2015 - 01:42 PM

Graphics :


-Characters’ and NPCs’ textures corrections.

-More opaque text filled HUD

-More cartoonish smoke graphics

-Smoke graphics added when players land after a long fall

-Lights of character’s suit are now animated to show energy state and level.

-Characters’ boots now leave a trail of light behind them

-Checkpoints design have been changed

-There is now a short animation if your character fails a trick

-Your team’s score is now displayed in the HUD

-New texture for the holographic wall surrounding the city to make it less visible.

-The problem with characters appearing and disappearing in 1st person view should be fixed.



New Sound FX :


-New mission songs

-When destroying Red hologram

-When destroying New Resistance holograms

-Passing through Checkpoints

-Deploying mission

-Starting Mission


-Holographic doors sounds

-New alarm sound (less terrible for your ears)

-When entering Hoverheat mode

-When Catching a gameball

-When Scanning

-New car sounds


Gameplay :


-You no longer have to launch Orion to play offline

-Walls preventing you from exploring the other part of town have been removed

-Occulus Rift compatibility is back (only works when “Direct to rift” mode is on)

-Two keys added to turn view at 45° with the Occulus Rift (To greatly avoid motion sickness when using a mouse)

-Mission Editor added (1st version)

-Added a magnifying glass button in the menu to toggle ghost camera (accessible only if you haven’t selected a character)

-Energy can now be negative, decreasing your stats (Spamming jumps, failing tricks and being pushed make you lose energy)

-“Leave Mission” button has been added

-Surveillance cameras can now detect a player even if he’s/she’s not holding a console

-There are now several alert levels, with different effects like doors being closed, or being chased by security drones (if you’re holding a gameball for exemple)

-When setting up controls, your previous settings will be duplicated and not erased so you don’t have to set them all over again

-Some elements have been added in the city to make exploring the new area less difficult

-Old missions have been deleted and new ones added

-Holograms now give energy when destroyed

-Cameras’ field of view has been decreased

-Two ball items added, sushi box and animal cage


Debug :


-Camera and security drones are now better synchronized online

-Netcode has been reworked

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