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(Client) Patch 4 (27/01/15)

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Posted 27 January 2015 - 09:30 PM

Sorry for the delay, here's the latest changelog, later changelog will come more regularly. :ph34r:


-added graphic effect for rewind.

-Camera's rotation speed in 3rd person view now doesn't change according to the framerate.

-Speed rate now isn't affected by speed gained when falling.

-Controls customization added.

-added an arrow to help you aim when throwing a gameball in 3rd person view.

-Some spelling mistakes were corrected.

-Gameballs now respawn after being thrown in X-marked boxes.


-Your character now looks towards scanning direction when scanning in 3rd person view.

-Added a bullet test on characters, they can no longer go through walls or the ground.

-Missions data are now lighter to avoid synchronization errors and decrease server crashes.

-Cars no longer go through you. Or you no longer go through cars. One of the two. You decide.

-Added an arrow/compass to show current objective's direction.

-Important objective are now more visually clear.

-You should no longer see other players stuck in falling animation.

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