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(Server) Patch 3 (12/01/15)

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Posted 12 January 2015 - 06:21 PM

- Improved server stability a LOT.

- Fixed rare bugs that could prevent players from seeing each other

- Increased synchronisation latency between players

- Reduced movement stuttering of other players at high speed

- Movement system has been switched to UDP protocol

- There can be now more than one player on the same subnet to play on the same server

- The server doesn't disconnect players who sent buggy datas anymore (instead these datas are skipped)

- Disconnecting from the server and other players is now instant (the player is removed from the world instantly)

- Fixed some matchmaker issues

- The server is now multithreaded and can use all your computer cores and scale

- Massively reduced CPU usage

- Added new system for distant movement culling to improve brandwitch and CPU usage of the clients

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