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A few mission editor thingies :)

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Posted 26 June 2017 - 06:15 PM

Powerball : Regular holdable item like a gameball - but when you hold it you have constant hoverheat and the ball has no weight/slowdown.

This could open up to some juggernaut-like custom gamemodes or other things. 

As a kid I loved to play the game "tig" Where you chase your friend and touch him and say tag and they'd be the one "it".
I'd love to see a thing you could put in the mission editor that'd was holdable but had no slowdown and not throwable so you can chase without being hindered by slowdown and then when you bump the player they would have the item or be "it", then when time runs out the person holding it would lose.

adding onto this a build up version would be good too- where instead of passing it on when you bump someone it would instead give the player and the bumpee the same item, so these two players would then go chase the rest of the people in the mission.

Please comment if you want me to explain something I'm not best at articulating what I'm thinking!
Thanks, Lightbringer! :)


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