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token stats

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Posted 06 June 2017 - 11:05 PM

Your stats are now improved by selecting tokens to your character.
When you open your character tab it will look like this:
Major Skills:
Speed - Increase running speed
Jump - Increase jump height
Strength - Increase resistance against other players (gameball)???
Energy - Improves your inner power to perform a Ka-Me-Ha-Me-Haaa
Hack - Improves the odd's of infiltrating NASA and allows you to hack secure box's.
Grind - Surf better in the railway
All Stats:
% goes to 100 I think...
You unlock token slots by leveling up.
There are 5 types os tokens:
Electro-Atomic Motor
Ionic Thruster
Pulse Generator
Hacking Processor
Magnetic Dynamo
Each of them influences different stats...
Electro-Atomic Motor
++ Bump Force & Resistance
+ Throw Ball Distance
- Slowdown when carrying a ball
Ionic Thruster
++ Speed
+ Acceleration
Pulse Generator
++ Jump
+ Bounce
Hacking Processor
++ Hacking
+ Discretion
+ Graffiti Percistance
+ Combo Time
Magnetic Dynamo
++ Slide Speed
- Friction
Finally, there are 11 tiers for the tokens
Cheap (+4.5% stats)
Broken (+5% stats)
Basic (+5.5% stats)
Quality (+6% stats)
Dirty (+6.5% stats)
High Tech (+7%% stats)

Glowing (+7.5% stats)
Freezing (+8% stats)
Crystal (+8.5% stats)
Mystic (+9% stats)
Royal (+9.5% stats)
You can get these tokens from leveling up, quests, secure box's and other accomplishments.
You can also produce better tokens on E-Swaps in-game by putting 4 crappy tokens and one good token that you need in the end.
The same applies for pet and graffiti's tokens.
Please note that removing a sealed token it will be destroyed! So take care!!!
More detailed info coming soon.
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