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Fan characters in Hover

fan character species

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#1 Juraichloe



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Posted 31 January 2017 - 12:05 AM

You heard the title. Atleast some of us in the Discord server, we have our own created fan characters for Hover. This night I finally finished the backstory, species and trait of my character, so here it is (QUITE LONG INFORMATION)


Name: Jarri
Despite his outgoing personality and look, he's able to be more than that. Normally he ain't anything big or special, but when having those who are very close to him, he can be something else. By his trustful and supporting friends, he manages to accomplish with anything he does.
Jarri's backstory: Before joining the resistance, Jarri was an average normal citizen (cliché I know). Unlike living as other tuqobians, Jarri went out to live more higher and in the center of the garbage village. There he never met none of the tuqobians and lived all alone. At first it was hard for him to go out. Jarri had always been quite antisocial and he had gotten used to it over the years, but one late night, he decided that it was time for a change.
During the same night, he opened his front door after another month he had been sticking inside, and went out. He walked across the city, as close to the walls as possible, and looked something. Something which would give him a miracle. He had heard of the Gamers a long time ago back when he was still with other tuqobians, but that wasn't the first thing he was thinking at that moment.
After a while, he saw something glowing behind a tall fence: "Not a natural citylight", he said and walked closer to have a better look. The fence wasn't a problem for his height, so he climbed over it casually. After he got over, he saw an equipment with glowing lights just left behind in the corner. He knew it was one of the Gamers' but still tried them on. They were fitting. Of course he wanted to see if they are really the thing, and he jumped against the wall and started wallrunning up.
It was easy for him. Probably not only his natural skills but the Gamersuit had also given him an energy boost. On the roof he now was, glancing at the city below him. He now had found the new meaning for his life.
Other notables: Jarri doesn't like to keep the suit on at all times, which makes him more interesting.
Species backstory:
Skin color varies between brown-orange, turquoise-green, purple and black. Body structure is looking for most like a human skeletal, but these are not them. They are called tuqobians and are rarely seen within the communities, or the species are just basically rare. First one which was encountered was not too long ago. They only seem to like to be with theirselves and their own species a lot more than others, not because they are mean or judgemental, but because they live in an unusual way. They don't have traditions, but they almost never have the need to eat or sleep, but drink.
Physically their bodies are strong, despite the looks. Sharp fingers but flexible. Their height differences between 5'7 to 6'1 (170-185,5cm). 
Feelings towards Gamers: They don't mind their business at all.
Trait: Spunkiness
+Bonus to energy and overheat
+can climb walls higher before stopping
-minus to speed
-minus to bounce
Here's a picture of him as in version 1: https://gyazo.com/4f...6b8d81475606803
Meaning that finalized version is on the way already. I'm giving him some clothing changes atleast and probably a new color scheme.
I'm interested to see other people's creations. Post them here! ;D

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Run boy, run.

#2 Axel



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Posted 31 January 2017 - 03:56 AM

Oh and great character backstory !

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#3 R.J


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Posted 01 February 2017 - 11:24 PM




RJ's Backstory Datalog: [CORRUPTED]

Attempting to recover Datalog file




Recovery has failed


Loading Brief Field Description:


"RJ has never found pleasure in competitions, therefore, leaves him with a proficiency that can aid others outside of races, with his somewhat 'silver' tongue and his lovingly nature, he can always be offered more than what he asked for. Getting more chips for his whole team. If he's in a free for all race, he will surely come last, but he will surely have a good time with his friends, Other than just races, he can make the best support in co-op missions, with the right equipment, he can carry the whole team to victory!"


Trait: Lucky

"What can i say? I'm a lucky mouse, I'm sure i can rub some luck all over you too!" ~ RJ


+ Better Rewards

+ Automatic E-Swap Chance Increase

- Energy

- Rewind Efficency




RJ's 3 Perks are...


Rally: "You want a slice of the big cheese? then keep going! i've got your back, the resistance does..." ~ RJ

When a gamer is within a certain radius to RJ, them and RJ will receive bonuses for sticking close and watching each other's backs....and look quite awesome.

+ 75% Hoverheat gain (Doesn't Stack)

- Hoverheat Decrease Timer


Chain Gang: "Stick Together! Look Badass! Do Whatever! We're in this together!"  ~ RJ

When Gamers do tricks near you, you gain benefit of that trick, gaining you Hoverheat!

+ Hoverheat Gain when other do tricks


Gamer Pose: "This.....this feels right....this feels awesome" ~ RJ

Your capacity is increased, your Hoverheat Drains significantly slower, this applies to nearby Gamers!

+ Hoverheat Capacity

- Hoverheat Drains slower


Species Background: Mousechilians


Playing 54:32 Minutes in of Alien Beast Species Part XIV Documentary


Presentation Sponsored By...[REACTED]


"Mousechilians are a rare species to come across at these times, after the purge of their race 200 years ago, 200 years ago Mousechilians were capture due to their known nature of having a unknown energy within their bodies, an energy that can be used in technology, power beyond present technology today, Nearly all of the Mousechilians are erased from their lives, a population count of 42,000,000 sacrifices is what made the future possible today!"  

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#4 Juraichloe



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Posted 02 February 2017 - 02:37 PM

That was awesome RJ. :3

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