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Chips & Containers

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Posted 10 January 2017 - 06:36 PM

First of all, it should be reminded  that many other items will be added to the game in a next update, and containers won’t be the only way to obtain chips. Missions already let players earn random chips.

In a next update, we will add a medal system that will reward your performance during a mission. A different tier of chip will correspond to each type of medal. Various objectives scattered through the map will also give chips once completed.


The containers system isn’t very clear yet, it should be noted that in the final version, containers will offer more and more efficient items as you unlock new areas. In the current version, all areas are unlocked from the beginning.

Also, containers don’t randomly appear completely, the purpose behind this is to reward players who explore and those who try to reach unexplored areas. Each opened container makes another one appear in an already explored place. Therefore, if you just check the same place over and over, it is very likely that you won’t find many containers.

It is recommended to open small containers that you find along the way, even if you end up exchanging chips at an E-Swap point.


There are several types of E-Swap points, if you want a specific chip, go check out the Gamers’ HQ, they have hijacked E-Swap points that will always give the same chip tier.


Other special E-Swap points will be added later in the game, a very special one will be added in the club and will reward regular players that come online often.


In the final version of the game, a player is guaranteed to have chips by the time they reach maximum level.

This new system can be frustrating in the alpha version and we’re sorry for that.


As for the skill grid?

It pretty much works just as it did before, with more or less restrictions.

You can now max a skill, whereas before the update you could only increase it up to 30%.


But be careful, there are subtleties that you should know :

If you keep placing the same type of chip, their efficiency will decrease, think before you max a skill!

Also, some chip slots have conditions, some slots are linked and will be more efficient if you place the same type of chip. Others will simply be more efficient with defined slot perks.


Before the update you could not change your characters’ stats, it is possible now, but keep in mind ; we want to encourage players to form a Gamers team, with each character having their own specialization. This is why the last added chip can be moved to another slot without being destroyed.

There currently is only one type of skill grid, but each character will have their own grid with different structures and perks.

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Posted 10 January 2017 - 10:36 PM

Very Excited to try all this out, I love this game and I hope it keeps on going until it fully releases!

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