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Gameball ideas.


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Posted 14 October 2016 - 11:17 PM

So Ive had this issue since i started playing, and ive been told im in the minority in the fact that i play first person 99% of the time, front flips and all. Anyways my issue is that in gameball, being in first person already puts you at a slight disadvantage because of your FOV. What i think is the biggest issue, is that i can RARELY tell if im in possession of the gameball, unless the right arm happens to come into view. I know theres a slight indication by the Arrow at the bottom of the screen changing to your team color, but in situations where theres 3+ people on the ball, its nearly impossible to tell if i or my teammate got it. I feel like there needs to be an on screen indication, maybe part of the UI that tells me i am in possession. Even a tiny Gameball next to the exp bar would suffice. 


Another issue similar to this is being able to tell which person on the opposing team has the ball, when 2 or more happen to be running together. Normally this isnt an issue because or the Word "GAMEBALL" hovering above their head, but since the introduction of the momentary invincibility, the shield that appears around the player in possession tends to make tightly grouped players blend together since they are all glowing the same bright color, and makes it difficult to tell which of them is in possession. I feel like the the player in possession should be made BLATANTLY obvious as soon as they have the ball, such as having the invincibility shield be a comparitively neutral color to the teams pink and blue, such as white, Green, or Yellow, while still being able to see their team color through it. 


One Final suggestion i have is the Opacity of the directional arrow needs to be adjustable. I know that many players dont want the arrow to be all up in their faces because they dont need it as much in third person, but as a player who only does first person, i RELY on that arrow, and sometimes its hard to see, especially if their are other players glowing the same color as the arrow, in front of it. Also because of the low opacity, i often cant even tell which way the arrow is pointing, especially at high speeds or in cases where there is a constant back and forth between teams. I think there needs to be a slight border around the arrow so that i can more easily make out which way its facing, and so the edges of it arent blending together like they do when it points directly behind you. 

I have some other slight changes in mind that i couldnt think of at the moment, but ill add them if they come to mind. 

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Posted 15 October 2016 - 01:13 AM

This is some nice feedback, +support.  :smilinggreendy:

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