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Posted 02 October 2016 - 04:26 AM

Hello and please forgive the long post.
I have put over 100 hours into Hover so far. It's a really cool game overall with a lot going for it. 
Important Stuff
Overall movement is really well done in this game. It's smooth and fluid and usually does what you want it to, with only ledge grabbing and bouncing standing out as occasionally unpredictable.
There are a few things I have mixed feelings about. Particularly the speed, jump height, and hoverheat mechanic. While being able to do massive bounding jumps and run at ludicrous speed is fun, it does also trivialize the size of the city to some degree. District A is not especially large to begin with and feels even smaller when you can traverse it corner to corner in a matter of seconds. On one hand it's convenient because you can get around quickly, and not to mention there are few games that give you that sense of speed, but it also makes the city feel smaller than it is. This is true vertically as well. Massive jumps mean much of the vertical obstacles mean very little when they can easily be jumped over. There's little to think about when you can just jump over everything, as well as little risk of falling thanks to rewind. I especially would like to see the ability to spam jumps to climb straight up sheer walls gone in favour of forcing players to find more creative paths along a wall's outcroppings. 
I'm sure most people would disagree with me strongly on this, but I'd prefer to see much slower and more technical style of gameplay.
-Trick system-
A more technical trick system would be cool. Just pumping the trick button is a little bland. Something Tony Hawk's Pro Skater-like would be much more interesting.
Allow for air grab tricks to be held. Players can attempt to release as close to hitting the ground as possible. Heat/score added is determined by the length the trick was held, multiplied by a bonus for good timing on release. Air tricking directly into a rail grind should automatically give maximum multiplier.
Have special trick grinds that give extra hoverheat and points, but also require the player to balance. Leaving the balancing out of the regular 50-50 grind allows it to be used without distraction during a race or travel as it is now.
Some NPC mentioned something about a trick point system being in development at some point so maybe this is on the way already. I hope so because it could open up new game modes and ways to play. Trick score challenges and games of S.K.A.T.E.? Errr... games of H.O.V.E.R.?
-Hover Heat-
Currently it feels too easy to maintain full energy at all times. With how much of a boost it gives, putting 3 points into energy is a given, but the increased heat gains at higher ranks also make maintaining heat massively easier. Greatly reducing or even removing the bonus to heat generated for higher energy skill levels would help raise the skill requirement of keeping heat up.
Please reduce the amount of HUD shake when bumping into things/landing or give an option to turn it off.
The recent aesthetic and layout changes to the HUD are very nice. Complements the style of the game much better. Very nice. The only thing that was better about the old HUD was the sparking effect at the top-center while in hoverheat. You never had to look away from where you were going to tell if you were in hoverheat. Now that it's a gently pulsing meter tucked away in the corner it's much harder to notice without looking directly at. The top-center was a much better place for the energy meter. It was much closer to your center of vision.
I would also rather see HUD elements more hidden. Level, EXP, current camera mode indicator, player list, connection status, current time, and area missions should remain hidden and have a button that can be pressed and held to show them.
Also don't show boxes and names around players and objects unless scanning. It doesn't take long to learn that holopropaganda is meant to be jumped through. Having the indicators always telling you so when you're close is just clutter. Likewise for graffiti spots, locaboxes, etc.
Cameras and secuboxes are too little of a threat.
Perhaps have being spotted by a camera increase your wanted level, rather than being captured by a secubox.
Allow us to play as actual E-cops and arrest players. >:}
I'm not sure what your plans for District B are, but perhaps leave District A as a safe areas for Gamers while District B is the area where player controlled E-cops could antagonize Gamers.
E-cop terminals should only be deep in the prison. Hacking should be a minigame. Don't erase wanted level upon being arrested. Makes the wanted system much more involved, with some more real consequence for getting busted.
-Make sprays slightly more permanent-
Have an area within the Gamers' hideout with fixed spaces in which sprays can be put up and persist indefinitely (until sprayed over by another player) even if the player logs out.
If a player sprays anywhere else in the world, the spray does not fade away until that same player puts their spray up somewhere else, leaves the area, or disconnects from the server.
Also the choice to translate luminance into opacity is interesting. Gives sprays a cool glowy look that makes it seem like they're made of light rather than paint. Pretty neat and keeps sprays in line with the neon aesthetic of the rest of the game... thought it's not easy living without black.
-Private Servers-
Allowing for community run private servers would go a long way to keeping the game fresh, especially if the game was moddable and had a map editor. 
Misc. Feedback
-The daytime District A music-
The continuous guitar chord playing in the background gets really repetitive... It's not a bad song but more than any other it wears on you. Looking forward to more tracks for each area, especially the main areas. Overall all the music is good and fits the game well.
The amount of rewind is too high, I think. It's a great lifesaver for making small corrections to your jump if you mess up the angle/timing a bit, but allowing you to go so far back to make huge corrections is perhaps a bit much. I think recovery from large falls is more interestingly and more skillfully covered by the bounce ability.
Allow unlimited level ups (or have a very high level cap.) Although have no stat gains beyond 10. Not really much point to this other than just to give a way for dedicated players to stand out more. Special unlocks for reaching certain high levels.
Special unlocks for 100% completion of an area's missions.
-Super Spy-
Chasing spies is cool. I think it'd be even cooler if there was a special type of spy that would spawn rarely, one at a time, which was server side and visible to all players. Rather than travelling along a fixed path, though, it would instead have a network of interconnecting waypoints which it would use to generate a random path and give good rewards to the player that caught it. Catching regular spies could be made non-repeatable and a player would only be able to see and capture super-spies if they had caught every regular spy in that district.
More buildings with interiors. Also more secret areas. >:}
-More interactivity with other players-
Emotes, dances, etc., and more missions made specifically for multiplayer.
-Currency system-
Seems like you might be working on this already but a money system to purchase cosmetics, appearance changes, upgrades, rent locabox points, spray paint, items, etc., would be neat.
-Scouting drone-
(Since spectator mode seems to have gone away.) A drone the player could release and fly around to scout the area. Something like the camspy from Perfect Dark.
-Player housing-
Player/guild owned housing and hideouts would be pretty nice, especially if they were customizable.
Playable minigames in the arcade. We are gamers after all.
-Auto camera-
I'd like to see the input for changing to auto camera changed to press and hold select for a second or two. The reason for this is that I like to stay in first person most of the time and only switch to third when I need it. It'd just be a bit more convenient if it was one press to toggle between these two modes. 
-Delivery missions-
Sometimes bouncing causes the held item to be dropped. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or an intended feature but it seems to happen randomly and I don't like it.
The game overall is suitably fusty, but could be fustier.

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Posted 07 October 2016 - 08:16 PM

I meant to weigh in on this much earlier, but here it is now:

First off, great list. It's good to see people putting so much articulation into their critiques.

I actually have very similar feelings on the movement for this. As much as I love things like the rewind function and the bounce mechanic, it can make the visually expansive city feel very small. It's a very cool sensation indeed, being able to turn a bad fall into a massive rebound, but some tension is lost there, I feel. Mind you, this is only really when exploring the city freestyle. During missions where you have set parameters and routes to follow a misplaced bounce may very well work right against you, throwing you way off course. I guess my point is... it's a double edged sword? Does that metaphor apply here?

I actually enjoy having less points in 'jump' for reasons much like this; it makes pathfinding that much more engaging and exciting. Specifically with Greendy who has less of a jump arc than some characters, I find myself concentrating more on minute movements rather than one broad jump that can get me on top of 'that building'. And I like that those options are there. I think Fusty considers those things, but I see it being hard to balance... right now the bounce function seems fairly proportionate in rebound to the distance you have fallen; perhaps if its power were slightly lessened? I'm rambling now.

There actually was a point earlier on in development where they did in fact take out the ability to 'Megaman jump' your way up walls. I'm not a fan of it myself, but it was reimplemented because there were other players who were having difficulty traversing the city. Believe it or not, it's actually less spammy then it used to be. I think that's what a lot of this comes down to though, is Fusty is trying to make a game that anyone, regardless of their skill level, can enjoy. I don't doubt that making it fun for any audience is quite a task, but while I don't know where every issue can be compromised for everyone, at the end of the day I'm okay with it, 'cos more people might have an easier time with it.

Also, the trick system is going to be expanded! The original reveal trailer actually had points 'streaming' out of the characters as they were holding cannonballs and stuff. ^^ Not indicative of the final version obviously, but it will come! I think they've mentioned Tony Hawk as an influence before too. 

I feel like I have more to say in response to this, but I have to cut it short for now. More later possibly. 

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Posted 09 October 2016 - 02:33 PM

I guess my point is... it's a double edged sword? Does that metaphor apply here?

Yeah for sure. Massive jumps and great speed come at the cost of some amount of precision and control. It's something of a matter of personal preference but I'd rather see the balance shifted more towards precision. Maybe if gigantic bounces and massive speed were more situational things that could only be used occasionally might be a solution that doesn't require removing them entirely and could maybe help to make them feel a bit more special when used, too.
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