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Patch 18 (28/09/2016)

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Posted 28 September 2016 - 12:07 PM



New GUI that completely replaces the previous one!


Characters are now grouped in teams (5 characters per team).

Progression through missions will affect all team members (could only affect one character at a time before).


You can now switch team members at any time without going back to the main map. (Hotkey is assigned “T” by default)


New immunity system for gameball matches. The one who picks up the ball gets a one to two seconds immunity where no one can steal the ball from them. The goal was to clarify what’s going on as matches were too confusing.


Small graphic improvement for holograms.


There is now a sound effect for when your energy gets low.



Some missing textures in the sewers/gamers HQ have been added.


Bumper sound effect has been fixed so it won’t be heard in the entire map.


All apostrophes are now displayed in dialogues!


The flip + rewind glitch that allowed to instantly redirect momentum has been fixed. (Sorryyyy :x)


Light saturation on characters has been tweaked to avoid somewhat unsightly renders.


Veelan stats have been fixed, she had no aerial control! Deeply sorry for this bug!


Random-extract-zones are now fixed. They were badly synchronized online.


Now the multiplayer does not stay deactivated when you exit the tutorial.


Some grinds were missing in District A, now it's fixed.


The server don't crash anymore when you catch a traitor in multiplayer.


Missions work well now, even when the host doesn't take part in it.




Grind skill has been improved, you can now stick to walls better, and even get an acceleration boost on walls when the skill is maxed.


Free camera can now be activated by entering this command in chat ; “/free camera”


Frames of Gameball baskets are now visible from farther away

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