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Patch 16 (01/07/2016)

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Posted 01 July 2016 - 08:36 AM


New area available! The sewers and the Gamers' HQ, with new missions and musics.

Characters players haven't talked to yet now have a question mark in their bubble.


Your energy is now drained when you stand under a waterfall.

Otatox now has his own skin.

Great Admin's Orbital Station is now displayed.

The Grind skill effect was increased a lot.

Infos Points, as well as Codex, are now displayed in the objectives lists.


A new asset for the mission editor that determinate limits for the balls has been added.



Some objects were deleted in the mission editor, like quadbots for example, as well as other ones that could generate bugs.

NPCs now have idle animations.


Missions created by players don't give XP anymore.


You can't charge your energy anymore by staying still while crouching, because it would let players pass through walls.


The slide sound effect can't be heard as far as before, it was really annoying online.

Checkpoints collider has been fixed, before players could sometimes just pass under without getting it.



We lightened the data that are sent online.

Better synchronisation for physical objects online.

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