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Patch 15 (20/05/2016)

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Posted 20 May 2016 - 04:23 PM



Liff, the Gameball Champion was added as well as missions to unlock him.

Added a new citizen, let’s welcome the momo!

Added the first AI version in Hover! It sucks a bit at running and chasing players but is slightly too strong at Gameball matches, this will be corrected in the future! :)

Netcode has been reworked.

Some new prison rooms have been added.

Prison & tutorial have been optimized.


When approaching an interactive element an icon is now displayed at the bottom of the screen for the main and secondary keys

Background added to the city’s surroundings.

All information frames have been tweaked. Color code and distances are clearer and more adapted.

New auto-aim when throwing balls; a line showing the exact trajectory is now displayed when aiming.

Players can now use customized graffitis (not synchronized online).

New introduction animation during the tutorial, the old one created too many bugs.

Some corrections for characters’ avatars.

Some corrections for characters’ textures.

Fog isn’t blinding anymore when looked from far away.

No more shaking when using an elevator (this will work for cars soon too).

Spyrdones now have the amound of energy left displayed on their frame.

All citizen are now given random colors.

After a successful mission, the next one is displayed on the HUD.

Various dialog were added and corrected.


All missions have been improved and redesigned.

It is now not needed to accurately look at an item or character to scan and talk to them.

Graffiti system has been reworked, controls and animation redesigned.

It is now possible to charge energy by standing still and repeatedly pressing the “crouch” key.

New mission launcher, clearer and less restrictive.

Gameball Match missions are back!

Mission editor has been simplified, interface is still  a work in progress.

Propaganda satellite dishes have been added to the city.

Bumpers and boosters now take away less energy.

New bumpers and other elements have been placed around district A.

Grinding is now more agreable and less glitchy.

After some dialogs and opening doors, the camera will automatically go towards the path to take.

After teleporting, the camera is now placed in the right direction.


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