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(Client) Patch 11 - Alpha 5 - (12/18/2015)

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Posted 18 December 2015 - 04:40 PM


- Lateral walljumps push more away and allow easier jumps from wall to wall. 
While wallrunning and wallsliding the characters take off less easily, avoiding unwanted loose. 
- Jumps were completely refined, the glitch allowing jumps at zero height was fixed, and small jumps are now easier. 
- Characters can now avoid small ceilings while jumping below. It allows a more fluid parkour and a less punitive learning process. 
- Grab system is way less unpredictable, the raise doesn’t vary anymore with the jump level of the player. It avoids characters to keep being blocked on an edge. 
- All the playable zone of the District A is complete, and there are some changes in the already existed zones like moved grinds and the central tower of Korupa raised. 
- Some changes in the prison, like some cells that were simplified and a secubox trap added in the lobby. 
- New advertising wagons travelling the grind circuit in the Korupa Archipelago. 
- Boosters on the highways and the high walls were added, allowing a speed of 70. 
- The tutorial was a bit simplified and the engines room was removed (too confusing). 
- Now, the jump, rewind and slide controls skip the dialogs and close the description window. 
- A new system of objectives displaying the names of each zone in the city, and available things to do. Highlight the free missions, that is, the missions with no time and that don’t need a NPC validation. 
- Spy drones to find, chase and catch were added. 
- Secubox traps are now permanent in the city. 
- Quadbots are now permanent in the prison. 
- Posters to tag are now permanent in the city. 


- Camera presentation shots were added to dialogs. 
- New introduction dialogs were added for each map (tuto, District A, Prison) with camera shots. 
- The orbital station was reduced. 
- Online Players list is now displayed at the upper left corner. 
- Objects frames are not displayed anymore on the side of the screen. 
- Gameball texture refined. 
- Shadows are more optimized. 
- The first person models of characters were refined a lot. Now it’s really difficult to see your own neck. 
- The camera don’t pass through walls in first person view (particular angles). 
- In auto camera mode, the view switch in third person if the head of the character stays near a wall during a few seconds. 
- The camera was refined to reduce Z-fighting (artefact that makes posters flickering when they are far) 
- Shock animations on walls aren’t displayed illogically anymore. 
- Characters can’t have their own feet raised at pelvis height anymore. 
- Leg strength is well managed. Characters don’t shake anymore on rises, and don’t crush anymore while grinding on descents. 
- Watabax textures were cleaned. 


- E-Cop antenna collider was refined to avoid passing through it. 
- Many grinds were fixed. 
- Rewind speed addition glitch fixed. 
- The glitch that moves the player a bit higher on some grind starts was fixed. 
- Gamegirls don’t reappear with changing map.. 
- Less risk for NPC to spawn in another floor. 
- NPC don’t jump up and down anymore before a race. 
- The input options for the vertical and horizontal axes were inverted to match -with their own axes. 
- You can’t return to the menu in a discussion anymore. This bug previously paralyzed the characters 
- The return key on the controller don’t switch to Ghost camera in the menus. 
- If you’re on a mission, it makes you leave it automatically when you load a new Gamer. 
- A glitch that allowed a wallrun on the ground was fixed... 
- A ingame bug report was added, allowing you to send a screenshot, a title, and a description of a bug at any moment. 

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