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Patch 10 - E-Cop Prison (10/23/15)

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Posted 23 October 2015 - 09:46 AM

Level Design:
- A brand new area (special stage) called «  The Prison  », with its share of missions and the possibility of being locked in.
- New areas in the city  !
- The Gameball Stadium doors are now open, however the matchs will come in the next update.
- The bended palm tree above the barriers has been raised.
- Debug mode added (enter «  debug mode ON  » / «  debug mode OFF  » in the console)  : very low graphics for computers with small config.
- Reworked design of the E-Cop tower in the city.
- Reworked design of the holo burger.
- The time of day is now synchronized online.
- Camera colliders in 3rd person view is cleaner and more fluid.
- The bubbles above NPCs have been changed to easily distinguish the missions «  !  » to the dialogs «  ...  ».
- During a scan, the vision cone of the security cameras is highlighted. 
- The game was a bit brightened, it will surely be even more in the next updates.
- The difference between players' minimum and maximum sizes was narrowed to avoid some bugs with the crouch function.
- When a player start a mission online, a frame show it to make players easily gather on the misison.
- The compass (arrow) is now only shown during a scan.
- Mission times don't overlap anymore.
- Deleted objects in the mission editor aren't shown anymore.
- Objects frames were softened.
- Teh shadows of the high walls were cleaned.
- A little logo was added in the bottom right-hand corner when the game saves your settings and your progress.
- Head movements were refined.
- The refresh frequency of the shadows were reduced to avoid visual glitches.
- Design reworked of the capture sphere.
- Frames distances were adjusted (as always ^.^)
- Player collider is lowered when crouching, you can now enter small pipes.
- More advanced grind controls  : you are not forced anymore to speed up, you can even slow down.
- During a chase, if you manage to lose a Secubox but get detected by a camera, the Secubox (if it hasn't disapeared yet) will now teleport near your position.
- Secuboxes are slightly faster.
- Search levels added when captured. After being captured 3 times, you will be sent to prison.
- E-Cop antenna added  : players can hack them to get back their search level to zero.
- Debug grinds that didn't work sometimes.
- AI reworked (you will really see the changes in the next update:) I can't wait!)
- Players can now choose a postal adress (and change it anytime), used for their spawn point at the launch and when teleported.
- Teleporters were added in the city, getting back the player to its postal adress.
- Echap key in a menu get back to the game.
- Rewind is now stopped if the player is hit.
- The fast run key is disabled when you're in a menu or while you're writting in the chat.
- A second DarkGamer race was added in the city.
- Secubox spawners were replaced in the city.
- A new mission object has been added  : the Quadbot. It must be hacked (scanned), then collected up to earn a point.
- Secuboxes are now more synchronized online.
- Potatox missions don't unlock the E-Cop anymore (new rewards will come in further updates, don't worry:) ). The E-Cop DNA program can now be found in the prison.
- Better controls on the bounce direction.
- After a rewind, the player can now choose at 50% the direction (s)he wants to go.
- Acceleration penalty of Veelan has been reduced.
- Player friction has been increased to avoid gliding too much.
- Automatically leave a mission when the player join a new mission or is captured by a Secubox.
- A new music added for the prison (atmospher version and mission version).
- The menu at game launch don't have the old sounds anymore.
- XboxOne controller debug.
- Local saves are not sent to steam cloud anymore, in order to separate the offlines to the onlines steam saves.
- A command was added to hide the HUD. Enter «  hide hud  » in the console.
- Serveur list is hidden for now, connecting automatically players to the main server.
- Desciptions added when you scan the rehabilitation platforms, the cameras, the E-Shop points, the E-Cop antenna, the teleporters, the Locabox points, and also many info points in the prison.
- New help box added in the tuto, and new dialogs in the city.
- VR reactivated  !
- The free camera don't disappear anymore after loading a character.
- Synchronisation of the security cameras and the secuboxes has been improved.

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